Buyer this  ia time to take the Homeownership,when you purchase home you have several Benefits.

One Taxes Deduction,interest in the Loan, when you are Renting you pay property owner Mortgages and insurance, Tenant Rent going up every years,Only thing you can  do pay the Rent or move out,Now

your  Home Building up Value,Remember all those peoples that lost Home Through Foreclosures and short Sale

90 percent of those peoples will not be able  to purchase home for long times,Why Rental Market keep going up,if you  are in central Bay are,you know it is hard to find place to Rent,From 3% Down playment to up, that is lower you  get, Home price in the going up Fast, don't feel sorry later I told you so,I am here to service with all your real estate needed,

This inforlation you need to get Start for Loan, Job, 2 years Tax Return, 2 Must Current Bank Statement all the pages,also you Can Received Gift from of Family Member