San Leandro Rent Review Update: On Monday, Dec 21, the San Leandro City Council held off on expanding their current rent review ordinance to cover all residential rental properties, including single-family detached homes and condominiums. 

The revised ordinance had been introduced at the Dec 7 council meeting without the inclusion of single-family homes. In a surprise move, Council member Jim Prola, following a suggestion from Council member Ursula Reed, added language to the ordinance to make it cover all rental properties. Four council members voted in favor of this version, which was set for final approval on Dec 21. 

During the Dec 21 meeting, several members of the public asked the council to approve the expanded version along with adopting a full-blown rent control ordnance and just-cause eviction. Bay East staff testified suggesting the city council further study if single-family homes needed to be included and could be included without violating state law that limits rent control.

Ultimately, five of the council members had enough concern about the inclusion of single-family homes to table any action on the ordinance until after the first of the year.