Technology may allow consumers to search for homes but it’s the REALTOR® who guides them through the maze of data and brings value in coordinating the transaction from “contract to close.” I don’t need to tell you that buying or selling a home involves many intermediate steps, each of which has the potential to go wrong and send you and your clients back to square one. Real estate transactions involve a lot of details, legal pitfalls, and liability issues, such as property restrictions, liens, financing glitches, or title and appraisal issues. Solving problems and negotiating solutions that arise during escrow is where the REALTOR® brings the greatest value to the consumer. In fact, a recent C.A.R. survey of home buyers found the top areas where a buyer needed an agent’s assistance in a transaction were negotiating the terms of a sale, finding the right home, negotiating price, and only lastly, dealing with paperwork. Although an integrated transaction platform can create efficiencies, the value proposition that a REALTOR® brings to the table is far more than pushing paper.