Although thieves are known for making poor decisions, that doesn’t mean they’re unintelligent. Out-smart any thief with the following tips:

  • Take your remote garage door opener with you when you leave your car. If a thief breaks into your car and finds anything with your home address on it (i.e. your registration), not only do they know where you live but they have access into your home.
  • Have you ever gotten a text from a loved one asking sensitive information, such as “In line at the grocery store—what’s the pin for the debit card”? You normally don’t think twice about those requests, but if a phone gets in the hands of a thief, you’re giving them sensitive information. Before immediately responding to these requests, confirm their identity by asking specific questions. If you do confirm the identity and text the information, be sure to delete the messages immediately.
  • Take your time and think before acting, speaking and texting. If it doesn’t feel quite right or if it’s information that you’d normally keep secure, pause and think before revealing it